Introduction of PHKAN

With the precious support from all our nurses and advisors, aswell as the selfless efforts of the Hong Kong Academy of NursingPreparatory Committee (HKANPC), the Provisional Hong Kong Academy of Nursing Limited (PHKAN) was established on 6 October 2011. Its establishment marked another milestone of Hong Kong nursingdevelopment. The Academy is committed to not only promoting theimprovement of nursing care by developing continuing education fornurses and midwives but also fostering a spirit of collaboration inthe nursing community through constant updates and exchange ofinformation among nurses and health practitioners.

Academy Colleges

cardiac Community and public health critical care education
emergency gerontology medical mental health
midwives management orthopaedic paediatric
perioperative surgical    

What's New



Health Carnival on 12 April 2014


2014 International Nurses Day Celebration Dinner on 9 May 2014


Congratulations! Dr. Susie Lum has been awarded the Florence Nightingale Medal


Dr. Susie LUM was interviewed by RTHK 1 on 14 April. To review the radio program, please click the caption


Inauguration Video

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