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The road towards the setting up of an Academy of Nursing has not been a smooth one. With the concerted efforts of all members of the HKANPC, we moved progressively with solid foundation and wide consultation. Below are some of the significant achievements that paved our way to PHKAN:

Date Event
October 2002 Formation of the working group
June 2006 HK Academy of Nursing Preparatory Committee formally set up
June 2007 Meetings with F&H Bureau launch of HKANPC website
July 2007 HKANPC registered as a Society under the Societies Ordinance
April 2008 Action submitted to FHB for the setup of HKAN
May 2008 Community Health Promotion Day on 3 May, Walk for Unity on 11 May
June 2008 Kick off ceremony of the HKANPC temporary office in PMH
October 2008 Launch of new website http://www.hkan.hk on 15 October
April-May 2009 First visit by Prof Tanya Whitehead Senior Fulbright Scholar
December 2009 Second visit by Prof. Tanya Whitehead
2010-2011 Community promotion of HKAN on WHO World Health Days
Febuary-August 2011 Meetings with Legal Advisor drafted M&A for PHKAN
September 2011 Incorporation of Provisional HK Academy of Nursing under the Company Ordinance application to Inland Revenue Dept. for charitable status
April 2012 World Health Day 2012
12 May 2012 Inauguration of PHKAN & 14 Academy Colleges
2012 Meeting with SFH
January 2013 The Council and Advisors
2013 PHKAN nominated Dr. Susie LUM (President) to receive the Florence Nightingale Medal from the International Committee of Red Cross
2013 Dr. Susie LUM (President) and Prof. Sylvia FUNG (VP) Winners of “Leader of the Year 2013” – Community / Public Affairs Category
4 May 2013 Annual Fellowship Conferment cum Nursing Charter on Tobacco Control Signing Ceremony
13 August 2013 Fund Raising Film Show
10 September 2013 Strategic Planning Workshop
29 August 2013 Meeting with Under Secretary for FHB
21 January 2014 House Warming Party
24 March 2014 Formation of PHKAN Education Committee
10 May 2014 Annual Fellowship Conferment
26 August 2014 Submission of Proposal to Steering Committee on Strategic Review on Healthcare Manpower Planning and Professional Development Nursing and Midwifery Sub-Group on the Establishment of The Hong Kong Academy of Nursing as a Statutory Body
2014 Starts networking with Patient Groups in 2014
2014 World Health Day 2014
8 January 2015 The Provisional Hong Kong Academy of Nursing is entitle to tax exemption under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap. 112)
19 March 2015 Meeting with HA Director (Cluster Services)
5 May 2015 Meeting with Prof. YEOH Eng Kiong
9 May 2015 Annual Fellowship Conferment
9 May 2015 International Nurses Day Nursing Symposium
2015 World Health Day 2015
Our Academy is pleased to announce that our name “The Provisional Hong Kong Academy of Nursing Limited” has been changed to “The Hong Kong Academy of Nursing Limited” in English with effective from 27 August 2015
13 Sep 2015 護專以支持機構身份出席「恒生- 再生會十大再生勇士選舉」頒獎禮暨開幕禮
20 Sep 2015 President and VP (Education) attended“一國兩制研究中心” - 香港在國家發展戰略中的地位和作用_論壇
24 Sep 2015 院長應邀擔任「香港衛生服務界慶祝國慶66周年籌委會」主席團成員
Sept 2015 Participated in survey on Disaster Preparedness and response by HKJC Disaster Preparedness and Response Institute
23 Oct 2015 President was invited to speak in the Nursing Forum at Hong Kong University Shenzhen Hospital
30 Oct 2015 President attended the opening ceremony of the Annual Conference on Disaster Preparedness and Response 2015: From community to Emergency Room
12 Nov 2015 VP (Edu) attended opening ceremony of HA IANS 20th anniversary symposium
23 Nov 2015 Hon. Treasurer attended FHB lunch to promote influenza vaccination
27 Nov 2015 President attended the Closing Ceremony of Elderly Smoking Cessation Promotion Project 2015-16
4 Dec 2015 HKAN was a support organizer for Four places, two strait conference
14 Dec 2015 護專應邀成為「2015-16年度 恒生- 再生會十大再生勇士選舉」的支持機構
16 Jan 2016 Prof. Martin WONG represented HKAN to attend the opening ceremony of BeHealth 2016
17 Jan 2106 President chaired a session in the Behealth Conference 2016
2 Mar 2016 President attended the Opening Ceremony of 6th Pan-Pacific Nursing Conference and 1st Colloquium on Chronic Illness Care by the Chinese University of Hong Kong
5 Mar 2016 President, Chair and Co-Chair of P&PRC attended 病人組織聯盟 新春團拜
15 Mar 2016 President attended 4th meeting of the Nursing and Midwifery Sub-group on Strategic Review on Healthcare Manpower Planning and Professional Development
18 Mar 2016 President attended COSH, The 6th “Quit to Win” Contest cum Smoke-free Community Campaign Prize Presentation Ceremony
7 Apr 2016 Chair of P&PRC attended Press Conference of Department of Health on World Health Day
14 Apr 2016 Vice-President (VP) (Regulations) attended Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Council Dinner
26 Apr 2016 Field visit of Chinese University (CU) Professional diploma program in advanced nursing practice (Management and leadership) course participants.
30 Apr 2016 President to attend 3rd AGM HK Association of Family Medicine & Primary Health Care Nurses
3 & 4 May 2016 President attended HA Convention
14 May 2016 VP (Internal ) attended 香港衛生界聯席會議 聯席會議茶聚
27 May 2016 Charity Nourishing Feast
31 May 2016 Honorary Executive Consultant attended COSH, Kick-off event of Smoke-free Publicity Program for World No Tobacco Day 2016
17 Jun 2016 Chair of P&PRC and Honorary Executive Consultant attended passing-out parade of the Correctional Services Department
25 Jun 2016 Signing the Organ Donation Promotion Charter and attending Launching Ceremony
28 Jun 2016 Chair of P&PRC attended The 7th “Quit to Win” Smoke-free Community Campaign Kick-off Event
21 Jul 2016 President and VP (External) visited Union Hospital
3 Sep 2016

院長出席「自助組織社會發展研討會 2016」

9 – 11 Sep 2016 ICN INP/APN Network Conference 2016 in Hong Kong
10 Sep 2016 Council met with Chief Executive Officer of International Council of Nurses
10 Sep 2016 President and VP (Education) met with representative of School of Nursing & Midwifery, University of Newcastle, Australia
11 Sep 2016 President interviewed by Ming Pao
12 Sep 2016 Immediate Past President (IPP) attended the 1st meeting of the Task Force on Specialization of Nursing Practice
30 Sep 2016 President and VPs met with HAHO Dep Chief Manager (Nursing)/Chief Nurse Executive
2 Oct 2016 Press Conference on “International NO Alcohol Day”
12 Oct 2016 President met with Prof. Gramme Smith from Edinburgh Napier University
28 Oct 2016 Field Visit of CU Professional diploma program in advanced nursing practice (management and leadership)
2 Nov 2016 Permanent Secretary of FHB, Mr. Patrick Nip visited HKAN
7 Nov 2016 2nd meeting between FHB, HA, DH and HKAN,
15 Dec 2016 Honorary Executive Consultant attended DH Briefing cum “Young and Alcohol Free” Publicity Kick-off
5 Jan 2017 President and VP (Internal) attended DH Senior Nurse Meeting
13 Jan 2017 IPP attended 2nd FHB Taskforce meeting on specialization of nursing practice
17 Jan 2017 Honorary Executive Consultant attended the Special meeting of Panel on Health Services “Proposal to amend the health warnings on packets and retail containers of tobacco products”
23 Jan 2017 A Council Member attended the DH, 3rd meeting of Project Steering Committee on Standards for Ambulatory Facilities - Update of Survey on Private Ambulatory Facilities. Council designated 4 colleges to give views on the PSC surveys – Medical, Surgical, Perioperative and Orthopaedic
25 Jan 2017 “HK01”Interviewed Prof Frances WONG, members from HK College of Medical Nursing, HK College of Midwives.
9 Feb 2017 President and VP (Education) attended the meeting of the heads of the universities nursing schools - on nursing education development and its impact on the profession and health care system.
19 Feb 2017

衞生服務界選委 舉辦【香港未來醫療政策交流會】

21 Feb 2017 VP (Internal) attended briefing on “The Hong Kong Code of Marketing of Formula Milk and Related Products, and Food Products for Infants & Young Children”.
27 & 28 Feb 2017 HKAN delegation visited School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Newcastle
2 Mar 2017 HKAN delegation visited Australian Nursing & Midwifery Accreditation Council
9 – 10 Mar 2017 Supporting Organization to the 20th East Asian Forum of Nursing Scholars
13 Mar 2017 Ms Manbo MAN, FHKAN (Midwifery), represented HKAN to attend meeting between FHB, HA and HK Private Hospital Association
16 Mar 2017 President and representatives of HKCC&PHN attended DH Social Hygiene Service NO Meeting
10 Apr 2017 VP (Education) attended special meeting of LegCo's Panel on Health Services on “Hong Kong Code of milk formula and related product, and presented view of HKAN
21 Apr 2017 Ms Erika HUI of HKCMN represented HKAN to attend a HA survey consultation session, conducted by McKinsey & Co, on the preparatory work for Chinese Medicine Hospital (CMH).
22 Apr 2017 DH visited HKAN to brief Council on the “The Hong Kong Code of Marketing of Formula Milk and Related Products, and Food Products for Infants & Young Children”
26 Apr 2017 Field Visit of CU Professional diploma program in advanced nursing practice (management and leadership)

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