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Dr. LUM Shun Sui, Susie - President, The Provisional HK Academy of Nursing
Dr. LUM Shun Sui, Susie
President, The HK Academy of Nursing

I am delighted to welcome you all here on this auspicious day of the inauguration of the Hong Kong Academy of Nursing (the "HKAN"). It is my great pleasure to celebrate and witness together with you the inauguration of the Academy and its 14 specialty academy colleges, as well as the conferment of honorary/founding fellows and fellows of the Hong Kong Academy of Nursing.

The aims of the HKAN are: (1.) establish the Hong Kong Academy of Nursing as a statutory body to regulate the nursing profession; and (2.) enhance excellence in nursing service and health care in Hong Kong through promotion of specialist nursing education and practices. The actualization of the vision to establish an independent organization to regulate advanced specialty practice for the nursing profession started 6 years ago through the concerted efforts of nurse leaders, specialty nurses, and academics from different sectors. Leaders from all nursing specialties had worked day and night with their colleagues to complete the colossal task of accrediting the Academy Colleges and their fellows . My special thanks to our Secretariat and the Accreditation and Registration Teams who have laboured arduously under tight deadlines to complete the project on schedule and made this inauguration possible. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the honorary fellows, founding fellows, grandfather/grandmother fellows for their passion and significant contributions to the advancement of the nursing profession, and their tremendous support to the founding of HKAN. I would also like to especially applaud Dr. C.H. Leong, our Patron, for his valuable guidance to the preparatory committee, and his vision and commitment to advance nursing practice and nursing education. My heartfelt thanks to the over 1,500 nurses and friends of nurses present here today - we could not have achieved this milestone without your enthusiastic support, endorsement and encouragement. I must also say thank you for allowing the opportunity, placing the trust and bestowing the honor on me to lead the founding of the HKAN.

The Hong Kong Academy of Nursing is the professional association established to govern nursing practices in Hong Kong. It is set up with two key objectives: first, to help nurses; and second, to help those they serve. It is to lead growth and advancement of the nursing profession, and promote collaboration and solidarity among nurse specialties. Secondly, it promotes the highest professional, ethical and governance standards in partnership with the Government and other professional bodies to provide nursing services of excellence to the community. The HKAN's objectives can only be achieved if all of us - nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, academics, government officials, patient representatives in public or private hospitals - irrespective of our roles and responsibilities, work in close collaboration and devotion. This spirit of collaboration and fellowship was demonstrated in full force at the setting up of the HKAN. I am confident that the Hong Kong Academy of Nursing, when formally established, will foster and promote this spirit to new heights.

The HKAN's current priority is to establish the Academy as a statutory body and along with it, an ordinance enacted to empower the Academy to endow official accreditation to nursing professionals. Good progress has been made with the support and facilitation of the Government, other professional associations and the community. We are hopeful that the enactment process will start soon. The HKAN is currently operating from a small office in the old nursing school at Princess Margaret Hospital. For the Academy to provide educational services and execute governance duties under its charter, a larger and more befitting facility will be required. In this regard, your support in any capacity, either financially or through volunteer efforts, will be vital for its realization.

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