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Introduction of HKAN

The Hong Kong Academy of Nursing (HKAN), incorporated in October 2011, is an independent institution to organize, monitor, assess and accredit all nursing specialist training programs and to oversee the provision of continuing specialist nursing education. The HKAN is charged with the responsibility to regulate the practices of Advanced Practice Nurses to safeguard the public’s right to receive safe and quality health care services.


The Hong Kong Academy of Nursing is committed to strive for excellence in achieving safe and quality healthcare that can benchmark with international standards, through regulating advanced nursing practice.

  1. To establish a statutory credentialing system to protect the safety of the public and to legitimize advanced nursing practice;
  2. To increase the visibility and professional impact of advanced nursing practice;
  3. To shape health policy and in anticipating public interest and concerns;
  4. Foster transdisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration to enhance care quality in achieving efficient, effective and best care for the community;
  5. Networking with global partners to foster advanced practice nursing development within and outside Hong Kong.
  1. To advance the art and science of nursing;
  2. To foster the development of research and continuing education for advanced nursing practice;
  3. To assure professional and ethical conduct and standards in the practice of advanced nursing;
  4. To shape health policies for the wellbeing of the public;
  5. To promote and protect the health of the community;
  6. To foster intersectoral and transdisciplinary collaboration as well as to network with global partners in matters concerning healthcare delivery and advanced nursing practice.

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