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Members of the HKAN are classified into 4 categories:

1. Institutional Members Academy College recognized by the Council of HKAN.
2. Ordinary Members RN/RM completed courses and training prescribed; passed examination, nominated by Institutional Members and recognized by HKAN.
3. Fellow Members Ordinary Member who passed such examination or assessment recognized and nominated by respective Institutional Members and recognized by HKAN.

Grandfathers / Grandmothers - are RNs / RMs with over 15 years in specialized practice within 2 years of the establishment of the HKAN (on or before 12 May 2014). Among the 15 years of specialty-related experience, 7 years must be in the named specialty (as reflected in the Fellow title in application), including the most recent and current 5 years; and has demonstrated significant contribution to specialty service development, and in the opinion of the Council, the conduct of his / her practice is consistently good throughout such years and at present.

For those who have retired, the last experience practicing in the specialty must not exceed 5 years at the time of application.
4. Honorary Fellow Members Any person whose academic achievement, prominence or contribution recognized by the Council of HKAN.

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