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Hong Kong College of Emergency Nursing

The Hong Kong College of Emergency Nursing


Hong Kong College of Emergency Nursing was established on 16 March 2011 with the following objectives:

  1. To protect the public by improving the quality of health care and emergency service to the community;
  2. To promote the advancement of knowledge of science and art of nursing;
  3. To promote integrity, ethical conduct and standards in the practice of emergency nursing;
  4. To foster the development of emergency care education;
  5. To facilitate the exchange of information and ideas in nursing and matters concerning the health of the public;
  6. To collaborate actively with other organizations to improve emergency care.

Office Bearers

President Dr. CHAN Chi Chung
Vice President Ms. LI Ping Serena
Hon. Secretary Ms. LEUNG Yuen Fan
Hon. Treasurer Ms. LO Ka Yee
Council Members Ms. CHANG Siu Fung Amelia, Ms. CHUNG Yuen Man,  Ms. HO Ka Wai Wendy,                                        Mr. LAM Kai Cheong Harris,  Ms. LAW Ling Ching Amy,
Mr. LEUNG Chun Pong,  Ms. LEUNG Po Shan Melissa,                                                                                 Ms. NG Lai Han Zoe,  Ms. SHAM Siu Fan Rebecca,                                                                                     Mr. TANG Choi Tak Heyman,  Mr. TANG Kam Tim,                                                                                     Ms. TANG Wai Fong,  Ms. WONG Suk Yee,                                                                                                 Mr. WONG Wai Man Billy,  Ms. WONG Yin Ching Agnes,                                                                                 Dr. YAU Ching Ying,  Ms. YEUNG Kwai Lin,                                                                                                    Mr. YIU Tsim Kong Jackson,  Dr. YUEN Suk Yin Margaret






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