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Hong Kong College of Gerontology Nursing

The Hong Kong College of Gerontology Nursing


Our Founding Association is the “Hong Kong Geriatric Nurses Association”, which was established in 1997 by a group of enthusiastic and dedicated gerontological nurses. The Association was renamed as the “Hong Kong College of Gerontology Nursing (HKCGN)” in January 2010. Since its inception in 1997, the College has provided a wide variety of educational courses, seminars and workshops that are specific to the care of older people with the aims to raise the awareness of carers and health care professionals with updated knowledge and specialized practices in the nursing of older people. Moreover, our College has been accredited as a Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) Provider since 2006. In the year of 2013 & 2014, we have conferred more than 100 Fellows under the Grandfathering Scheme of the Provisional Hong Kong Academy of Nursing. Hence, we are focusing on the development of the College Fellowship Program, and continue to promote the high standard of nursing care for older people.

  1. To enhance the knowledge and expertise in gerontologcial nursing;
  2. To promote understanding, communications and welfare of nurses working for older people;
  3. To develop a local identity for Hong Kong nurses who specialized in caring of older people;
  4. To initiate and develop continuous gerontological nursing education and nursing research activities.

The Council of 2014-2016


Mr. YUEN Chi Man Anders

Vice Presidents

Ms. HO Kam Yee Joan, Ms. LOW Pau Le Lisa, Ms LEE Siu Ching, Patricia

Hon. Secretaries

Ms. LEUNG Yin Ling Ruth, Ms. CHENG Po Po Peggy

Hon. Treasurers

Ms. LAW Po Ka Noble

Accreditation Committee

Dr. LOW Pau Le, Lisa (Convenor), Ms CHAN Mei Wai, Dr. LAW Po Ka, Noble

Registration & Membership Committee

Ms CHENG Po Po, Peggy (Convenor), Ms. LEUNG Yin Ling, Ruth, Ms. LUK Po Chu, Bella

Professional Development Committee

Ms HO Kam Yee, Joan (Convenor), Dr. PAU Mei Lin, Margaret (Convenor)

Ms MAK Po Kit, Flora, Dr SIU Lai Sheung, Katherine

Promotion & Public Relations Committee

Dr. YUEN Yuet Sheung, Carol (Convenor), Ms IP Kam Tin, Regina

Education Committee

Ms. LEE Siu Ching, Patricia (Convenor), Mr. TSANG Kam Wing, Edwin, Ms. PANG Chui Ping, Phyllis


Ms. CHU Ho Nee Connie, Ms. HON Sin Ming Alice,  Ms. IP Kam Tin Regina, 
Ms. POON Po Wah Rebecca


Gerontology, Gerontology-Continence




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