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The Hong Kong College of Mental Health Nursing

The Hong Kong College of Mental Health Nursing


The Hong Kong College of Mental Health Nursing was established on 22 May 1998 with the following objectives:

  1. To contribute to the promotion of mental health of the Hong Kong society through involvement in policy development and efforts in raising the standard of mental health nursing practice;
  2. To organize professional development activities for promoting professional competence of mental health nurses in Hong Kong;
  3. To affirm and promote the professional status of mental health nursing in Hong Kong.

Office Bearers

President Mr. YEUNG Kin Keung Frederick
Vice President Mr. MAK Kwok Fung Michael
Hon. Secretaries Ms. TO Yuen Fung, Ms. NG Mei Sum Michelle
Hon. Treasurers Ms. WU Wai Kin William, Ms. FUNG Pui Yi Regina
Council Members Ms. LEE Wai Fun, Mr. HUI Tsz Pan, Mr LAU Yau Chan,
Mr. SHUN Kwok Wah, Mr. TANG Cheuk Kin


Adult Psychiatric Nursing, Learning Disabilities Nursing,
Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Nursing, Community Psychiatric Nursing, Psychogeriatric Nursing, Substance Abuse Nursing, Psychiatric Consultation Liaison Nursing, Forensic Mental Health Nursing




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