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The Hong Kong College of Cardiac Nursing

The Hong Kong College of Cardiac Nursing


With the tremendous advances in knowledge and technology in cardiac care, the role of cardiac nurses has evolved markedly over the past few decades. The Hong Kong College of Cardiac Nursing (HKCCN) was established to promote the continuing development of cardiac nursing. In the last two years, 70 and 41 Fellows were conferred respectively by HKPAN in Cardiac Medicine, Cardiac Surgery, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Cardiac Paediatrics and Cardiac Perfusion.

The Hong Kong College of Cardiac Nursing was established in April 2012, with the following objectives:

  1. To set professional standards for advanced nursing practice in cardiac nursing and cardiac sub-specialty areas;
  2. To set criteria for the assessment and examination for the Fellow accreditation examination;
  3. To offer advanced cardiac education programmes to prepare members for the Fellow accreditation examination;
  4. To hold assessments and examinations for eligible members to be certified as Fellow or Member to practice cardiac nursing at an advanced level;
  5. To ensure the maintenance of integrity, ethical conduct and professional standards of Fellow and Member to practice cardiac nursing;
  6. To collaborate with national and international counterparts and organizations for promoting the professional status of Fellow members;
  7. To do all such other activities which would further the aims and objectives of the College.

Office Bearers


Prof. SIT Wing Hung Janet

Vice President

Ms. CHAN Miu Ching Cecilia, Prof. CHAIR Sek Ying

Hon. Secretaries

Ms. TANG Siu Wai

Hon. Treasurer

Ms. SUN Man Ping

Council Members

Ms. HUIE Cynthia C. Rose, Ms. CHIU Sin Hing, 

Ms. HO Kam Tak Camille, Ms. KAN Shuk Ling,  

Ms. KWAN Wing Yee, Mr. LAI Kam Wai,

Ms. LAI Yuek Yan Carmen, Ms. LAU Ming Ming Christine,

Mr. LI Man Pan, Ms. LO Suk Yee Suky,

Ms. TONG Fong Hing, Mr. YEUNG Wai Kit Wilfred


Cardiac-Surgery, Cardiac-Medicine, Cardiac-Paediatrics, Cardiac-Rehabilitation, and Cardiac-Perfusion.




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