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The Hong Kong College of Medical Nursing

The Hong Kong College of Medical Nursing


The Hong Kong College of Medical Nursing was established on 6 January 2011 with the following objectives:

  1. To promote excellence in nursing and health care in Hong Kong through regulating medical nursing specialists practice and professional boundaries;
  2. To define and promote the standards of advanced medical nursing practice and its specialties;
  3. To promote integrity, ethical conduct and standards in the practice of advanced medical nursing and its specialties;
  4. To foster the development of advanced medical nursing education in specialist areas;
  5. To provide education to the specialist nurses to promote professional and educational advancement in caring for the sick and in giving better service to the community;
  6. To protect the public by regulating standards of advanced medical nursing practice;
  7. To advise the Hong Kong Government SAR on matters related to health regulations and to better the health service of the community of Hong Kong.

The Council


Ms. LI Yuk Lin Helena

Vice Presidents

Ms. CHENG Mei Wan Winnie, Ms. CHAN Ming Fung Maggie, Ms. KWOK Mei Ling Angela,

Ms. LAM Hung Suet Conita, Ms. LAM Oi Ching Cindy, Ms. YEUNG Wai Fong Ellen

Hon. Secretaries

Ms. HO Hau Sim Eva, Ms. CHIU Chor Shan Gloria

Hon. Treasurers

Mr. LEUNG Chi Chuen Walen, Ms. AU Ka Yin Shimen

Council Members

Ms. CHAN Chau Ho Kristy, Ms. HUNG Siu Chan Veronica,

Mr. KO Ki Tsing, Ms. NG Chi Wah Fanny,

Ms. TAM Mee Ling Bonnie, Ms. WONG Ka Chee Karen 


Advanced Medical Nursing, Chinese Medicinal Nursing, Diabetes Nursing, Haematology Nursing Infection Control Nursing, Infectious Disease Nursing, Neurology Nursing, Oncology Nursing, Palliative Nursing, Renal Nursing, Rehabilitation Nursing, Rheumatology Nursing, Respiratory Nursing




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