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The Hong Kong College of Midwives

The Hong Kong College of Midwives


The Hong Kong College of Midwives has been established for two years since 2012. Since its establishment, the College has strived to lay down the ground work for future development. Our College had 13 Council members, and 8 Fellow members had been invited to join the Council as co-opted members. This year we will have 80 fellow members to be conferred in May 2014, all together we will have a total of 195 fellow members. Under the Council, there are 4 committees and one subcommittee; each of the committee / subcommittee has their terms of reference and membership clearly delineated.

Honorary Advisor Dr. TANG C H Lawrence
Honorary Legal Advisor Mr. CHOU, Shing Hong
Auditor Mr. KAM, Eddie

Council Membership and Co-opted members

President Ms. SHAM So Yuen Alice
Vice Presidents Ms. LAI Chit Ying, Ms. CHAU Mo Ching Macy
Hon. Secretary Ms. LAU Sin Hung, Ms. YIM Chee Sian Vera
Hon. Treasurer Ms. LAM Shuk Ching Iris, Ms. CHU Sing
Council Members Ms. SIU Sau Mei Esther, Ms. MAU Lai Fan Elaine,
Ms. TSANG Siu Ling, Ms. MAN Bo Lin, Ms. LAM Kit Yee, Ms. WONG Siu Ching
Co-opted members Ms. CHAN Hei Kiu, Ms. CHEUNG Mei Yee Daisy, Ms. CHEUNG Lee, Ms. KWAN Shuk Ching Winny, Ms. LAI Fung King, Ms. POON Miu Ho, Ms. SIN Wai Ha, Ms. TANG Pey Leng, Ms. TO Mei Yuk, Ms. TONG Wing Hung, Ms. TSOI Yuen Yee, Ms. WONG Kit Wah, Ms. Connie YIP

Committees & their Chairmen

Education Committee Ms. SIU Sau Mei Esther
Examination Committee Ms. LAI Chit Ying
Finance and Executive Committee Ms. MAU Lai Fan Elaine
Membership Committee Ms. MAN Bo Lin
Reveal and Appeal Committee Ms. WONG Siu Ching
Professional Development Committee Ms. TSANG Siu Ling






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