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Professor CHAIR Sek Ying
RN, PhD, FAAN, FHKAN (Cardiac-Medicine)

Welcome to the Hong Kong Academy of Nursing (HKAN).

It is my great honour to be elected as President of HKAN effective from 20 June 2020. With almost 40 years’ experience in clinical nursing and university nursing education, I am pleased to have this valuable chance to contribute my expertise and experience to the development and regulation of advanced nursing practice in Hong Kong.  

Specialisation in nursing is an international trend. HKAN represents a big leap forward in the development of nursing specialisation in Hong Kong. HKAN’s pathway for advanced nursing practice can be traced back to 2002 when the exploration to set up an academy for promoting advanced nursing practice started. Tons of ground work had been done by many nursing leaders that finally led to the establishment of HKAN in 2011.

As the third President, I will continue the vision of HKAN to strive for excellence in achieving safe and quality health care that can benchmark with international standards, through promoting advanced nursing practice. Since its establishment, many important milestones have been achieved which include establishing a certification system for admitting members and fellows and an accreditation system for accrediting specialty colleges; and playing a vital role in the Working Group on Advanced and Specialised Nursing Practice, especially on core-competencies development, formed under the instruction of the government. I would like to sincerely thank our ex-presidents Dr. Susie Lum and Professor Frances Wong for their visionary leadership, and all fellows and members for their concerted efforts in making all these possible, and also in bringing HKAN to its current stage.

I am strongly committed to leading HKAN to strive for continued excellence based on all previous successes. Looking ahead, we shall focus our work on promoting the leading role of HKAN and enhancing collaborations with local and international partners, so as to extend our network and influence in all aspects in advance nursing practice, and to speed up the process of nursing specialisation in Hong Kong. 

You are welcome to give us your comments and suggestions. As always, we count on your continued support!

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