Dear HKAN Members/Fellows,

As you may know, the current office of Hong Kong Academy of Nursing (HKAN), located at LG1, School of Nursing of Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) since June 2008, is a temporary rental site. With the Government’s announcement of the 10-Year Hospital Development Plan in 2016 Policy Address, the building in where our office is located would be part of PMH’s development plan. Therefore, since 2020, our tenancy agreement has been signed on a yearly basis, and the current lease will be ended in April 2023 as the demolition is around the corner. To avoid any disruption in our operations, finding another office venue for HKAN is urgently needed.

Since the establishment of HKAN, our Past Presidents, Dr. Susie Lum and Professor Frances Wong, had conducted a series of fund-raising activities regularly to prepare for property purchasing. Recently HKAN’s Council had voted to purchase our own office on the 64th Council Meeting after careful consideration of the positive balance made from operating the Community Vaccination Centres/Stations, our reserves, and the advantages of buying an office over renting one.

The Property Purchase Visiting Group, including: Prof. CHAIR SY (HKAN President), Prof. WONG KY Frances (IPP), Dr. CHAN CC (VP), Ms. HUIE Cynthia (VP), Ms. CHEUNG YH Kathy (Hon Secretary), Dr. WONG YH Esther (Hon Project Cons.), Ms. CHAN SK Becky (Hon Treasurer), Ms. Yeung SH (EM), Ms. LI YL Helena (OM), Mr. CHAN HC Vincent (Council Member), Ms. CHAN MF Maggie (Council Member), Prof. LI HC William (Council Member), Dr. LEE WY Susanna (Hon Prof Cons), Dr. POON WK (Council Member), Mr. WONG KW Jimmy (Council Member), Ms. MA PK (Council Member), and Mr. YU CT (Chair of Young Fellow Chapter), has been working hard to look for potential appropriate properties. The first open forum for all Fellows and Members of HKAN regarding property purchasing was conducted on May 11, 2022 (18:30- 19:30). Considering that this is a big project with significant impact on the future development of HKAN, we would like to regularly communicate with all of you on the project progress. We are currently preparing a project status update which is expected to be ready for uploading to HKAN website next week. As a usual practice, we will have regular consultations with our Honorary Legal Advisor, Mr. Lester HUANG, and our Honorary Auditor, Mr. William CHAN (Roger K.C. Tou & Co.) on legal related and financial/cost related issues, respectively, so as to ensure that all management and decision-making procedures are transparent and lawful.

You probably will agree if I compare Hong Kong’s property price to the height of Himalayas! Other than our own money, donations are inevitable. To ensure our work done prudently, the Fund-raising Team will also work closely with our Honorary Legal Advisor and Honorary Auditor. Please be reassured that though the property purchasing is a big project for HKAN, neither Fellows/Members nor Colleges would need to bear any financial consequences. Of course, donations are always welcome!

In our plan for the new office, a common office area and storages would be assigned to each College for free. Also, there would be learning centre(s) and meeting room(s) to facilitate Colleges to conduct education, examination, and meeting activities. Like current practice, HKAN office will continue to provide administrative support to Colleges as appropriate. Your support is of utmost important for the success of this project and the future development of HKAN which benefits the advancement of advanced nursing practice locally and beyond. Ultimately, our betterment will contribute to the health of Hong Kong population and our health care system at large.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to all members of the Hospital Management Committee of PMH for their continuous support to HKAN over all these years. Without their support, HKAN could never achieve what we have achieved today!
Once again, thank you to you ALL for your support!

Professor CHAIR Sek Ying