19 Feb 2022

  • Task Force was formed in the 63rd HKAN Council meeting: Prof. CHAIR, Prof. Frances WONG, Ms. Cynthia HUIE-ROSE, Ms. Becky CHAN, Dr. Esther WONG, Dr. CC CHAN, Dr. Susanna LEE, Ms. Kathy CHEUNG, Mr. Jimmy WONG, Dr. W K POON and Mr. Mick YU
  • All Council Members were encouraged to join this group.  and to search information to get some understanding about the property market and purchasing matters.

10 Mar 2022

  • 1st Task Force meeting was conducted; It was confirmed that the HKAN Office colleague, Ms Gladys Chan, was assigned to contact property agents (Commercial Section of Centraline Property, Midland, and Ricacorp as well as two other smaller-size property companies) to provide suggestive office sites for consideration.
  • A message to encourage Council members to recommend property agents was also posted.

17 Mar 2022

  • A total of 6 property agents responded to our call. In order to keep the fairness of getting unified message from HKAN, the agents (all interested agents) were arranged to attend a meeting with the task force to receive the requirements of the potential site for searching.

23 Mar 2022

  • Task Force conducted a meeting with 6 property agents regarding our requirements of a potential site with the size around 1500 sq feet & budget around $15 Million. However, the principal of ‘the bigger the better with the sale’s price- the cheaper the better’ was emphasized.
  • Each agent was recommended to prepare for not more than 5 sites suggested to HKAN.

14 Apr 2022

  • Presentations by individual property agents was arranged with a total of 18 suggestive sites were presented.
  • Other than the Task Force, all College Presidents were invited to attend this presentation session, and a total of 15 Council group members had attended

15 Apr 2022

  • Vote for the suggestive sites by the 15 members who had attended the presentation on 14 Apr 2022; the 5 sites with highest votes were arranged for site visits

17 Apr 2022

  • Due to the limitations in site visit arrangement, site visits for first three sites were arranged and Council Members were encouraged to join the site visit
  • 13 Council group members had joined the visit

20 Apr 2022

  • Conducted site visits for the remaining two sites; 15 Council group members have joined
  • A brief discussion was conducted after the visits to prioritize our choices

27 Apr 2022

  • Ms. Catherine YEUNG, HKAN Executive Manager, enquired Mr. Andrew TSE, HKAN Council Member (Lawyer), about the stamp duty rates
  • Ms. Miranda SO, HKAN Accounts Officer, enquired Mr. William CHAN, HKAN Auditor, about tax rate of profit and utilization of operation fund

30 Apr 2022

  • In 64th HKAN Council meeting, Council endorsed the decision of the purchase of HKAN permanent office with sufficient quorum

1 May 2022

  • A Quantitative Surveyor Mr Johnson So, referred by Prof Frances Wong, kindly started helping to provide free professional advice on the structure, deeds and purchasing related issues in related to the potential site.

5 May 2022

  • A group e mail was sent to invite all members to attend the open forum for property purchasing on 11 May 2022.

10 May 2022

  • Ms. Catherine YEUNG sought advice from Mr. Lester HUANG, HKAN Legal Advisor, on potential loan arrangement and agreement

11 May 2022

  • Prof. CHAIR, HKAN President conducted a meeting with Mr. Lester HUANG for legal advice on potential loan arrangement and property purchase procedures

11 May 2022

  • Prof. CHAIR conducted a consultative session for all HKAN members; a total of 64 HKAN members have joined. The progress of the purchasing was reported and open questions were answered with no concerns raised by the participants.

12 May 2022

  • Prof. CHAIR, Ms. YEUNG and Dr. Esther WONG conducted the 2nd site visit to a potential site with the QS Mr. So

13 May 2022

  • An updated message from Prof. Chair was e mailed to all members and the message was uploaded onto HKAN home website

20 May 2022

  • An Extra Council Meeting was conducted:

    1. To announce a donation from Li Ka Shing Foundation to HKAN for supporting the property purchase.
    2. More advices from Mr. Lester HUANG, Honorary Legal Adviser, were obtained.
    3. To vote for the preference of office site and a suggestive purchasing price.

8 Jun 2022

  • An Extra Council Meeting was conducted:

    1. To report the final offer from the seller.  The price was below the value estimations done by Fubon Bank, Bank of East Asia and Bank of China.
    2. To review the draft Provisional Agreement For Sales and Purchase as provided by the property agent.
    3. To seek legal advices from Mr. Andrew TSE on the draft Provisional Agreement.
    4. Declaration of "Conflict of Interest" from Council Members attending the meeting. 

9 Jun 2022

  • All documents were reviewed and finalized by the purchasing lawyer Ms. LAM, recommended by Honorary Legal Advisor

11 Jun 2022

  • An Extra Council Meeting was conducted:
  1. To finalize the Provisional Agreement For Sales and Purchase by Council members after reviewed and finalized by the purchasing lawyer Ms. LAM.
  2. Council members endorsed to authorize two representatives to sign all related documents (Dr. CC CHAN & Ms. Cynthia HUIE-ROSE) and another two representatives to sign cheque payment of the purchase (Ms. Sylvia FUNG & Prof. CHAIR).

14 Jun 2022

  • The Provision Agreement For Sales and Purchase had been finalized on 11 Jun 2022.  The agreement was signed by the two authorized representatives, namely Dr. CC CHAN and Ms. Cynthia HUIE-ROSE, who were appointed by HKAN Council on 11 Jun 2022.

20 Jun 2022

  • Recommended by our Lawyer, Ms. LAM, and endorsed by the Council on 17 Jun 2022, the short term insurance (Fire, AP & Public Liability) to cover the period 20 Jun 2022 to 26 Aug 2022 was purchased.  

25 Jun 2022

  • Following the signed provision agreement on 14 Jun 2022, the official Agreement For Sales and Purchase was signed by the two authorized representatives (Dr. CC CHAN & Ms. Cynthia HUIE-ROSE) after checking with our purchasing lawyer, Ms. LAM.

27 Jun 2022

  • 3.7% stamp duty has been paid.

29 Jun 2022

  • Following the advice of Ms. LAM on structural checking before purchasing, a structural engineer has confirmed the structure of the office site has no unlawful concern.  He will provide the related certified documents to HKAN.

4 Jul 2022

  • Certified documents from the structural engineer was received and forwarded to the purchasing lawyer Ms. LAM.  Ms. LAM confirmed the certified documents are proper and being accepted. 

16 Jul 2022

  • A total of 10 Council members and Mr. Johnson SO, a voluntary Quantitative Surveyor with his team (3 members), attended the  1st pre-inspection at the new office site.  Followed by a meeting at HKAN office to discuss the layout suggestions.  Mr. SO suggested to tender a Project Manager (PM) to look after the entire process as from tendering to the completion of renovation work to ensure to get the value for the money spent. The usual cost of a PM is 15% of the total renovation cost. Mr. Lester HUANG, HKAN Honorary Legal Advisor, agreed with Mr. So’s suggestion to use a Project Manager to monitor the renovation process but suggest negotiating the cost as 15% is very high. 

1 Aug 2022

  • Prof. CHAIR, Ms. C YEUNG and the other 13 Council group members, Mr. SO plus a construction agent, not related to Mr. SO, had joined the 2nd pre-inspection at the new office site.

2 Aug 2022

  • An Extra Council Meeting was conducted:
  1. Regarding to the glass door issue raised by Mr. So, to avoid any delay of the purchase, Council members agreed to accept as it is as accepting the current condition has already indicated in the temporary contract.

  2. The decision of hiring of Project Manager (PM) was endorsed and the appointment of Prof. CHAIR, Prof. Sylvia FUNG, Dr. CC CHAN, Ms. Carmen HO and Ms. Maggie CHAN was endorsed by Council as a panel for the PM tendering and selection.  They had signed the form of declaration of interest.

  3. A proposed timeline of renovation progress prepared by Mr. Johnson SO was presented for Council members’ reference.

  4. Council members were encouraged to nominate potential PM candidate or company to join the tendering procedure

16 Aug 2022

  • Management fee deposit and remaining purchase payment has been settled.

18 Aug 2022

  • The 1st Panel Meeting of tendering Project Manager was conducted:

    1. A total of nine referrals of Project Manager were received.
    2. Content of tender invitation was discussed.
    3. Members were encouraged to seek for opinions to improve the tendering document contents if appropriate.

23 Aug 2022

  • The two authorized representatives, i.e. Dr. CC CHAN and Ms. Cynthia HUIE-ROSE signed the purchasing Assignment at the lawyer (Ms Lam)’s office.
  • One year insurance (Fire & PL) to cover the period as from 27 Aug 2022 was purchased.

2 Sep 2022

  • The 2nd Panel Meeting of tendering Project Manager was conducted
  1. Ten referrals of Project Manager were reviewed with five nominated by Mr. So. 
  2. With members’ referral, the draft tender invitation document was reviewed by two independent experts with one from a higher educational institute and one from Housing Authority. Both reminded HKAN to reconsider the need of having a PM as the PM role is usually included in a renovation project like ours. Instead, a renovation company with tract record and reputation would be more important. Professor Chair suggested to seek for a third opinion on this.
  3. The timeline of renovation work was reviewed.

20 Sep 2022

  • The 3rd Panel Meeting of tendering Project Manager was conducted
  1. A third independent expert with working experience in hospital, office and classroom renovation was also suggested to cancel the PM tendering. Her advices were similar to the previous two experts.
  2. It was concluded that based on the small scale of renovation project and the advice from the three independent experts, hiring of a separate Project Manager is not required but instead, to look for a reliable and reputable Build & Design company with the role of Project Manager.  Extra Council Meeting would be arranged on 21 Sep 2022 for the final decision.

21 Sep 2022

  • An Extra Council Meeting was conducted:
  1. In view of the scale of renovation work and the advice from the three independent experts, Council members confirmed to supersede the last decision of hiring a separate Project Manager.  Members agreed to look for a reliable and reputable Build & Design company with the role of Project Manager.  The situation was updated and the new decision was agreed by Mr. Lester HUANG.
  2. The appointment of Prof. CHAIR, Prof. S FUNG, Dr. CC CHAN, Ms. C HO and Mr. TO H C as the members of Tender Board of Design & Build Vendor was also endorsed by Council members.
  3. To present the donation agreement as provided by LI Ka Shing Foundation for Council members’ comments.  The agreement had been reviewed by Mr. Lester HUANG, Honorary Legal Adviser, in advance with no concerns.  Prof. CHAIR would sign the agreement and return.

3 Oct 2022

  • Tender Board Meeting was conducted:
  1. Reviewed the draft tendering document
  2. A total of eight referrals of potential Design & Build contractors were received before the meeting.

11 Oct 2022

  • $5M donation from LI Ka Shing Foundation has been banked-in HKAN account. 

12 Oct 2022

  • Ad hoc zoom meeting with an honorary renovation project advisor who is a PM working in a hospital currently:
  1. Suggested to revise the tendering approach and provide a site visit to interested contractor before tender quotation. 
  2. Advice on the necessary documents/contents to be included in the invitation.
  3. Discussed on the pre-tender preparation, including definition on scope of work, assessment criteria, site visit plan, timeline of work and payment term etc.
  4. Members were encouraged to nominate potential renovation company for the tendering exercise

20 Oct 2022

  • All documents related to this property purchase have been received and store in a newly purchased safety box.

21 Oct 2022

  • Tender Board Meeting was conducted:
  1. The honorary renovation advisor suggested the logistics and the content to be included on the formal specification.
  2. Finalized 10 potential contractors for invitation.
  3. Reviewed the updated Gantt Chart

4 Nov 2022

Sent out tender invitation letter to 10 potential contractors.

18 Nov 2022

8 Contractors replied and expressed interest in submitting the tender.

24 Nov 2022

Seek further advices from renovation project expert to conclude the tender    specification document.

26 Nov 2022


Site visit at Nan Fung Commercial Centre. 

  1. 7 contractors had shown up.
  2. Collected feedback and questions from attending contractors.

5 Dec 2022


Tender briefing meeting with contractors:

  1. One contractor confirmed dropped off. 6 contractors attended the meeting.
  2. Responded to questions during the site visit related to design layout, additional air-conditioners and fire service requirement.
  3. Due date of tender submission postponed to 16 Dec 2022

14 Dec 2022

  Tender board meeting to finalized the selection process, evaluation and    rating criteria.

16 Dec 2022

Tender opening by Prof. Chair and Prof. Fung

  1. Received 6 tenders in total.
  2. Invited Ms. Civy Leung as 3rdparty individual witness  the tender opening with the presence of Executive Manager (Ms Catherine Yeung) and one Executive Officer (Rita).
  3. Full set of tender document (except the project fee quotation which has been locked) was shared amongst the tender board members for review. 

21 Dec 2022

Tender board meeting to shortlist two tenders for presentation.

29 Dec 2022

Two shortlisted tenderers presented their design.  Tender Board evaluated the technical proposal and fee proposal to make a decision.

3 Jan 2023

Announcement of Tender Award

4 Jan 2023

Tender Agreement was signed

6 Jan 2023

Fitting-out Management Team was formed with members Prof. Sylvia FUNG, Ms. Carmen HO, Mr. TO Hoi Chu and Ms. Catherine YEUNG. 

9 Jan 2023

The 1st meeting of Fitting-Out Management Team was conducted went through the items on Tender Quotation (Q1) including insurance, site matters, detailed discussion on layout design, air-conditioning work and HKAN requirement.  HKAN handover the keys and Nan Fung document to the Tenderer. 

16 Jan 2023

Extraordinary Council Meeting was conducted:

  1. Reported the entire tendering process from invitation, submission and evaluation
  2. Endorsed the tender assessment report and tenderer’s quotation.
  3. Endorsed the formation of Fitting Out Management Team.

20 Jan 2023

The 2nd meeting of Fitting-Out Management Team was conducted:

  1. Discussion of revised the new office design layout after 1st meeting
  2. The tenderer reported the issues discovered after detailed site inspection, such as flooring, doors, existing air-conditioning.
  3. Discussion of proposed MVAC set up, variation items, additional works / optional items required in respect of site issues.

31 Jan 2023

The tenderer submitted a revised office layout design and addition quotation (Q2) with variation items subsequent to discussion on 20 Jan meeting. 

7 Feb 2023

Extraordinary Council Meeting was conducted:

  1. Discussion of combined quotations (Q1 + Q2) with variation items (including additional works, contingent work and eliminated items) and endorsed council’s decisions.
  2. Endorsed in principle the agreed work items per discussion and changes of office design layout in respect of the endorsed work items, subject to clarification of item breakdown.
  3. Requested negotiation the cost with contractor.

8 Feb 2023

The 3rd meeting of Fitting-Out Management Team was conducted:

  1. Discussion of PA & security/access system requirement
  2. Communicated to the tenderer and Council’s decision of endorsed (7 Feb) additional work items and changes of layout design.
  3. HKAN questioned the quantity and cost of work items/material and requested the tenderer to review again.

18 Feb 2023

Layout and list of additional works approved

27 Feb 2023

Surpass briefed the designed lighting plan and settings, present the fixed furniture drawings and the furniture proposal by an invited supplier (Shun Hing).

23 Mar 2023

Worked out the HK Broadband and IT vendor, the wiring, audio and IT setting arrangement with Surpass.

27 Mar 2023

Confirmed all the sockets allocation, finishing materials (wall, flooring, furniture), design of main door and skirting, selection of loose furniture and confirmed quotations of PA system (selected from 2 quotations) and IT supplies (selected from 2 quotations) approved by Council.

17 Apr 2023 Rented of storage at 九龍灣鴻力工業中心, about 300m.sq.at HK$7,000/month. Fire and public liability Insurance purchased.
20 Apr 2023 Re-installing air conditioning and additional air conditioning completed.
installed with test passed.
8 May 2023 Movement of items to new storage as planned.
15 May 2023 Joint inspection of work at new office performed with numbers of defects to be followed in the coming 2 weeks.
31 May 2023 Acceptance inspection performed by Prof Fung, Prof Chair and Executive
Manager done with some more defects and work needed to be followed.
5 Jun 2023 Movement of the whole office to Nan Fung.
17 Jun 2023 Grand opening planned at 1400. Guests invited in May 2023.