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Dr. Whitehead, Tanya D. is the Associate Research Professor the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Missouri, USA from 1996 to present. Prior to this position, Dr. Whitehead was a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Psychology, Division of Psychiatry; University of Kansas School of Medicine (1987-1996)

Dr. Whitehead, Tanya D. has extensive experience in developing, teaching, and evaluating face-to-face classroom and online college course work; reviewing for accreditation of higher education course work across disciplines, and in developing, evaluating, and implementing complex federally funded projects. She has an Interdisciplinary doctorate degree in the fields of Education and Psychology, and has earned certification in two areas: 1) as a Specialist in Disability (1993) from the School of Medicine, University of Kansas; and 2) Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (2010) from the University of Missouri. Her background includes 9 years in clinical practice of psychology, 19 years in higher education teaching and interprofessional continuing education, and over 25 years in research.

Medical areas in which Dr. Whitehead provided psychological counseling and conducted research include the Burn Unit (adult and pediatric), the Craniofacial Team, the Spina Bifida Team, Child Development Unit, and Paediatric Gastroenterology, in the School of Medicine at Kansas University from 1986-1998, and as a Specialist in Disability in outpatient clinical services in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Kansas Medical Center (SOM) 1993-1996.

Dr. Whitehead is a former Commissioner on Accreditation for the American Nurses Credentialing Center, American Nurses Association (2005-2008), and is a Fulbright Senior Specialist for international scholarly exchange served in Hong Kong at The Provisional Hong Kong Academy of Nursing (2008-2009), and as a Advisor since 2009 to present. Currently she serves as a Federal Compliance Reviewer for the Higher Learning Commission, North Central Association of Colleges and Universities.

Dr. Whitehead holds membership of many professional bodies, namely, American Association of University Women, American Association of University Professors, Phi Beta Delta, International Society of Scholars.

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