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把握時機 告訴家人(https://www.organdonation.gov.hk/resources/grasp_the_chance_to_tell_your_family_tc.pdf)


器官捐贈 有問有答(https://youtu.be/Prh94txD3Xk)



(林麗珍 代行)


Dear Signatories of the Organ Donation Promotion Charter,

To further increase public understandings and support of organ donation, the Department of Health has recently produced a series of infographics and video as follows:


How to make your family respect your wish to donate organs (https://www.organdonation.gov.hk/resources/how_to_make_your_family_respect_your_wish_en.pdf)

Organ Donation Procedures (https://www.organdonation.gov.hk/resources/organ_donation_procedures_en.pdf)

Grasp the chance to tell your family about your wish (https://www.organdonation.gov.hk/resources/grasp_the_chance_to_tell_your_family_en.pdf)

Video (Traditional Chinese version only, English version will be available soon):

How to register as an organ donor (https://youtu.be/QQztctAwZj0)

Organ donation: Ask and learn (https://youtu.be/Prh94txD3Xk)

We hope that you can help share the above info graphics and videos with your staff and members and incorporate them in your future promotional activities in order to further promote organ donation. We are currently promoting the above materials on our Facebook fanpage (https://www.facebook.com/organdonationhk) and we would be grateful if you can share these posts on your social media pages. If you wish to obtain hard copies of the infographics, you may submit your request by filling in the request form (https://www.organdonation.gov.hk/resources/Request_Form_OD.pdf) or through our online request system (https://www.cheu.gov.hk/eform/Default.aspx?Lang=EN).

Thank you very much for supporting organ donation!

(Ms Katherine LUM)
for Director of Health

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