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Hong Kong College of Cardiac Nursing
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Hong Kong College of Critical Care Nursing
Hong Kong College of Education and Research in Nursing
Hong Kong College of Emergency Nursing
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Hong Kong College of Medical Nursing
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Many of our Fellows are role models for their devotion in the nursing profession. To recognize individual that make significant contributions to HKAN's mandate, foster excellence in the nursing profession by highlighting the best of nursing practice, education, research, administration, policy and community works, the Hong Kong Academy of Nursing invites the Academy Colleges to nominate Fellows to receive the HKAN Recognition Award.

Recognition Areas:

  1. Community Education Service
    (e.g. community talk and health project)
  2. Patient Advisory/Supporting Group
    (e.g. advisor to patient group)
  3. Professional Development
    (e.g. speaker in conference/seminar/research/publication/college development)
  4. Clinical Innovation
    (e.g. new clinical practice/initiatives)
  5. International or Local Awards
    (relate to health)


Relating to the HKAN objects

Recognition Period:

January 2012 – July 2016


By the Colleges before 18 September 2016

Recognition Ceremony:

19 November 2016
6:30 p.m.
Diamond Hall, Eaton Hotel, Kowloon

Selection Process:

Nominations will be vetted by the College first and then by the Academy Vetting Panel. The Academy will award a “Certificate of Acknowledgement” to all nominations by the Colleges. The successful nominees selected by the Vetting Panel will be invited to attend the HKAN Annual Dinner and be presented with a “Certificate of Merit” or “Certificate of Gold Merit” at the Recognition Ceremony.


Please refer to the Contact Information of Academy Colleges according to this Appendix.

The application form should be typed and submit in hard / soft copy with supporting documents by post to your College on 4 Sept 2016. For your College’s address and contact, please refer to Appendix.

If any questions, please contact the Secretariat office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 2370-0335.

The Hong Kong Academy of Nursing Ltd.

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