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Promoting the leading role of HKAN in advanced nursing practice (ANP) is always my objective. With the tremendous support from our Fellows, 12 articles on ANP have been published under the column of 護專世代 - 健康板in Hong Kong Economic Journal (信報) since October 2020; 6 Academy Colleges were interviewed by 精靈一點 of RTHK and 7 “專科護理3分鐘” videos have been posted on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Roles of ANP have been well promoted in these media presentations.

To be engaged globally, HKAN made the first attempt in the participation of the ICN-IND 2021 Photo Contest and the ICN-IND 2021 Weekly Case Story.  They were excellent learning experiences to get ourselves better equipped for the next contests. In addition, the 1st International Advanced Practice Nursing Virtual Conference will be held on 22 and 23 May 2021. We have invited 11 local and overseas renowned speakers to enhance Nursing specialty development through knowledge exchange and experience sharing.

In recognition of the foundation HKAN built on core-competency developments of specialties, The Nursing Council of Hong Kong has recently endorsed 9 specialty core-competencies contributed by HKAN’s Advanced and Specialized Nursing Practice workgroups.  More will be endorsed in the course of time.

As a commitment to public in delivering quality nursing services, HKAN was invited by Food and Health Bureau to operate 2 Community Vaccination Centres and to take up the unique role in providing on-going primary healthcare training to nurses of the District Health Centres. To demonstrate our leading role in the citywide vaccination program, HKAN collaborated with Hong Kong Academy of Medicine to offer the mandatory Online Training for COVID-19 Vaccination Program for nurses and doctors.

In the month of May, it is the best time to recognize the significant contributions and positive impacts made by nurses, not only to the health care system but also to the health of everyone in Hong Kong and beyond. The pandemic is putting an unprecedented demand on the healthcare system overall and on nurses, in particular. Nurses have always been heroic, but today they are on the front lines of a war on world health. They are addressing the new challenges, working together to help everyone to get through the pandemic. Fellow Nurses, you are making a difference for so many people and their communities at large. Now more than ever, you deserve our continued respect and our thanks. 

Happy International Nurses Day!

Prof. CHAIR Sek Ying
President, The Hong Kong Academy of Nursing


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